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» Flash Player ActiveX component download

The download from will start automatically. Download page will appear in a new browser window. Please do not close this parent page until the download is complete.

Technical explanation: No worries, this page does not redirect to any malware. The reason this page exists and you are not redirected to Adobe website directly is that the screensaver requires Flash Player version that Internet Explorer uses (there are basically two versions of Flash Player – one for IE and one for other browsers). However, you're not running Internet Explorer right now and when linked directly, Adobe would redirect you to Flash Player for non-IE browsers. The script on this page ensures that the correct Flash Player for the screensaver is downloaded no matter what browser you're running.

Manual download instructions: To download the right version of Flash Player manually, go to this page and choose Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2008Flash Player for Internet Explorer.

About the screensaver: This screensaver was made using InstantStorm – a free Flash screensaver authoring solution for Windows. Check it out at and start making your own screensavers today!