InstantStorm: a free Flash screensaver creator

Feature highlights

Completely free

The entire screensaver authoring solution—InstantStorm—is 100% free of charge, even for commercial use! Create an unlimited amount of screensavers for free, with no strings attached.


Easy to use

InstantStorm is extremely easy to use: it does not matter if you're a professional Flash developer or a computer user who just wants to turn their favorite SWF file into Windows screensavers, you'll always get great results without having to use the Help file all the time. For absolute beginners a quick Wizard mode is available as well!


Compatible with all Windows versions

Output screensavers work fine across all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows: from Windows 95, NT 4, XP to Windows 7; multiple monitors are supported as well.


Custom installer & Settings dialog

The settings dialog and screensaver installer can be customized in a way no other screensaver builders allow you to.


Previewing & debugging made easy

The powerful Preview feature makes it easy to see what your screensaver (including installer and settings dialog) will exactly look like before compiling it, software developers can use this to debug advanced screensavers.


Separate Flash files for widescreen & 4:3 displays

Additional files feature now supports adding specific Flash files for widescreen displays (both 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios) so that you don't need to publish two separate versions of a screensaver anymore.

Multilingual support

InstantStorm 2.0 has the best international support yet: thanks to new localization features every single text in the output screensaver and its installer can be translated into any language right from the program's WYSIWYG interface, you can even save these texts as language packs for further use.


Advanced developers' features

If you're a professional Flash application developer, we have introduced a handy set of FS Commands that can extend your screensaver's functionality, InstantStorm now even supports compiling standalone SCR files without an installer.


Customize anything

Every single detail of your screensaver can be customized: screensaver icon, Start menu and desktop shortcuts, readme file, license agreement text, file version information (including Publisher), exit events (for creating interactive Flash screensavers), screen resolution, and more.


Works with Flash 10

InstantStorm works great even with Flash files using the latest Flash Player 10 and Flash CS4 features.

Experimental transparency support

Specify a color of your screensaver that will be rendered as transparent!


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