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Start making Flash screensavers right now. Click the following link to get the latest stable release (2.0.1) of InstantStorm from

Download (2.1 MB)

Additional requirements

If you're running Windows 95, 98, ME, or NT4, you may need to download an additional component package to update system libraries that are neccessary to run InstantStorm. These libraries are already included in all versions of Windows since Windows 2000 so we didn't integrate them in the primary installer to save bandwidth. To download this component update, click here.

Also, InstantStorm requires Adobe Flash Player ActiveX component (which is already installed on most computers). To download this component, click here (you will be redirected to a download page according to your operating system and web browser).

Add a download link to your site

Would you like to add a direct link to the latest version of InstantStorm to your website? You can use this one:

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