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Download Legacy Screensaver Updater

What is Legacy Screensaver Updater?

InstantStorm Legacy Screensaver Updater is a small utility that updates InstantStorm screensavers (made with InstantStorm 0.9, 1.0 or 1.5 series) installed on your computer to use the same core engine as InstantStorm 2.0 screensavers.

Why should I get Legacy Screensaver Updater?

Legacy Screensaver Updater improves stability and performance of the screensavers. Some screensavers made using InstantStorm 1.5.2 or earlier may not work with the latest releases of Adobe Flash Player—this updater will fix the problem.


Click the following link to get the latest InstantStorm Legacy Screensaver Updater for free! Once the update process is complete, you can just delete the downloaded file.

Get Legacy Screensaver Updater

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